Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 25 - And The Guest Blogger Is . . .

Hey, Buddy, have you got a dime?

Well if you do, spend it at The Virtual Dime Museum, home of the very clever and talented L. H. Crawley.

What's a Dime Museum you ask? P.T. Barnum founded the first Dime Museum in 1841 at the corner of Broadway and Ann Street in New York City, offering both strange and educational attractions.

In the hands of L.H. Crawley, The Virtual Dime Museum is a feast for the eyes and mind, and is the first thing I read in the morning. The museum is updated daily with articles on genealogy, old newspapers and books, old photographs, hysterical vintage advertisements, and all kinds of ephemera. Read her The Gold Street Murders series and you'll be certain this woman has a book in her, just waiting to get out and be a best seller.

Every article is exceptionally well researched and written, and if there's anything I love it's a good tag line, and Crawley has a million of them. Trousseau Or Dare, The Iceman Tanneth, What's Amana With You?, and so many more. My only regret? I didn't find her sooner!

Now the best part! Crawley has agreed to be the April 25 Guest Blogger on the Friday From The Collectors series here on Shades.

What can we expect from the Dime Museum?
A - N - T - I - C - I - P - A - T - I - O - N !


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