Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Photo Detective Adds A Chapeau

This article previously posted on The footnoteMaven Blog.
I'll See You And Raise You Two

Maureen Taylor of the Photo Detective Blog has joined in the Hatcapades of "I'll See You And Raise You Two," with a lovely French chapeau.

Maureen features this beauty in a video on her blog called "Solved by the Photo Detective." You can watch the video on her website or on Roots Television. The hat is prominently featured on a carte de viste of a woman from Macon, France.

Take a look! You'll enjoy the video and the hat, it's the third photograph in the series.

Thank you for joining in with the fun Maureen!

Links To All The Blogs That Participated:

footnoteMaven - I'll See You And Raise You Two
Laura - The Virtual Dime Museum - From The Ministry of Silly Hats
Jasia - Creative Gene - I'm In And I'll Double
Thomas - Destination Austin Family - I'll Throw My Hat In The Ring
Maureen Taylor - The Photo Detective - Hat Attack


Note: Now I've seen hats like Maureen's many times before; but it was in college, after a few drinks, and they were previously on a lamp.


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