Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Twice Told Tuesday - Photography By Wireless

Twice Told Tuesday features a photography related article reprinted from
my collection of old photography books, magazines, and newspapers.

As I sit in front of my computer checking my online bank account and printing a photograph of one of my checks, I direct you to 1926 and the beginning. If they only knew.

Spirit Of The Times
The Amateur Photographer & Photography
April 28, 1926

Photography by wireless is very much in the air at present and steady progress is being made.

Television is also occupying the attention of many experimenters, and while there is nothing very definite to announce, results of a practical nature may be expected at any moment.

In photography, however, by which actual photographic pictures are sent distances by means understandable by the ordinary wireless worker, some remarkable results have been achieved. We read, for instance, that for the first time a cheque, signature and all, has been successfully transmitted across the Atlantic by wireless.

The process used was that invented and perfected by Mr. R.H. Ranger, of the Radio Corporation of America.

His Master's Voice - Nipper

This is only one of the many applications that will be possible with wireless photography, and its utility for journalistic and business purposes is likely to be unlimited.


Unknown, "Spirit Of The Times" The Amateur Photographer & Photography, April 1926, 505.


Nipper. 1898. Digital Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.


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And I love having you! Comparing and contrasting the world of yesterday with today always leads to some interesting results.


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