Friday, December 5, 2008

On The Road With The Band?

If you’ve been wondering about the lack of posts on Shades Of The Departed this week, I’ve been heads-down working on the update to The Association of Graveyard Rabbits' blog. I’m happy to report, the rework and additions are complete. I hope I can stop dreaming in code.

Please take a moment to visit the Association and read About its purpose and formation; visit the Bury of Rabbits to find all the latest GYRabbit news; try the Directory if you're looking for a particular author, blog, or geographic region; if you're not a member please consider this your invitation to Join; and if you have any questions please Contact those industrious GYRabbits. They have all the answers.

That’s what I’ve been doing and why Shades Of The Departed has gone a bit silent (which was difficult to let happen because I really enjoy writing here). But that doesn’t mean it's a permanent situation. Some things will change for this month only.

I have suspended "Friday From The Collectors" for the month of December to allow those who so selflessly give of their time to spend the holidays with their families free of writing obligations. "Friday From The Collectors" will return in January for the New Year.

The mighty four columnists from "Weekend With Shades;" Terry Thornton (The Graveyard Rabbit), George Geder (The Healing Brush), Jasia (Captured Moments), and Craig Manson (Appealing Subjects) will be here for the month of December. They have some very special columns in store for you so please visit Shades every Sunday Morning in December.

Several Shades regular weekly articles are already in the que. I had to write something!

Now you know, I’ve been a busy Maven and still have a lot of work to do. This is Blog Caroling Month, please let your Blog voice be heard on December 12.

Smile For The Camera's deadline is Midnight (PT) December 12. I can't wait to see your "Stocking Stuffers." Just a little hint as to what you'll see in this month's Album - I've received one photograph that is so perfect it will be the first page in the Smile Album. It is the epitome of "stocking stuffer." Think your photograph is better? Show me! Note: Blog Carnival says Smile doesn't exist. So please use the email instructions for submission this month!

The Boys In The Band

Add to this the fact I've gotten the band back together and we are going out on the road - oh wait, daydreaming again. Instead I have some family obligations that require I be out of town for the next week.

We'll see your here at Shades this December, but remember "Family First and Always!"


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