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PR in North Dakota & The Birthday Club - Please Contact Me

August 23, 2007, I wrote an article on footnoteMaven about a photograph I had purchased titled, Finding That Two Hundredth Edwardian Woman In A White Dress. It was about a group of women and one man called the "Birthday Club," Lamoure, North Dakota, September 2, 1911.

Each person in the photograph was researched and a small window about their life was written using only the census. A photographic key was created and included here on Shades in the Labeling and Labeling Systems article. I lovingly call this photographic research method the "Birthday Club Method."

The Birthday Club - Lamoure, N.D. - 1911

The Key

Recently I received two comments from Anonymous and PR in ND regarding that photograph.


Have info on many of the ladies, and the chief in this photo (Birthday Club). I believe it was the Civic Improvement League (ladies only) formed in 1910 in LaMoure. John Freyberger was appointed chief of police in 1910 and was known as "Friend of Children" promoter of city parks in LaMoure.

PR in ND:

Found your article searching for John Konoske...awesome work! I live 30 miles north of LaMoure and have quite alittle more info on the ladies and chief. I'm presently working on the 125th Celebration History Book for our small town, which has alot of ties to LaMoure since it is our county seat. Have not found that pic in any LaMoure history book, is it possible to obtain a copy? PR in ND

PR in ND please contact me. I would be thrilled to see my Birthday Club take their rightful place in the history of the area they called home. Please send an email to the footnoteMaven@comcast.net and I will send a copy of the Birthday Club home.

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The Birthday Club. Photograph (Card Mount). September 2, 1911. Privately held by the footnoteMaven, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Preston, Washington. 2007.


Blogger Judith Richards Shubert said...

Isn't that awesome! I have an old scrapbook my father-in-law rescued from a home where a military veteran had died, leaving no relatives or known friends. There are but few names on the pictures, but I need to get them scanned and out there on my blog to see if anyone recognizes any faces.

I applaud your plans to send a copy of the Birthday Club photo home to LaMoure. The fact that someone found your post and responded is very encouraging. Have any suggestions for me, fM, on how to go about getting my photo album out there? There are several pages of small photos - probably 10 or 15.

Again, a very inspiring post.

April 19, 2010 at 5:38 PM  
Anonymous PR in ND said...

Thank you footnoteMaven! Mary's first husband Robert homesteaded in Adrian,ND in 1882. Just finished a pioneer page for the history we are compiling for our 125th celebration in July, Mary is on that page. This is so exciting!! When I get the birthday club picture I plan to make an enlargement to hang in my daughter's floral/gift/coffee shop in LaMoure. The will surely have the present ladies of LaMoure buzzing!

May 13, 2010 at 10:55 AM  

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