Friday, June 21, 2013

The Last Picture Show - Cadwallader & Fearnaught

They bill themselves as Artistic & Practical Photographers. Cadwallader & Fearnaught of Indianapolis, Ind., established Aug. 19, 1872.

They show their "Artistic" flair in their choice of backstamp. Very attractive, but not really out of the ordinary for the period of time. It is the "Practical" that caught my eye and the reason I purchased this cabinet card for its backstamp.

Many photographers include the negative number, but Cadwallader & Fearnaught included the date of the sitting. I have personally seen six of their cabinet cards and while several had a different design, each had a place for the date of the sitting. So very helpful to any family historian.
"The sitting for this photograph was made May 1886 at the elegant photographic establishment of Cadwallader & Fearnaught the negative numbered 15967 is carefully preserved, from which duplicates can be obtained at any time."
Now, if they'd just had a spot for the name of the person who sat for the photograph. Have you read the latest issue of Shades Of The Departed Magazine? You really should. The Last Picture Show is a regular feature of the magazine.


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