Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 13 - And The Guest Author Is . . .


100 Years in America
Small-Leaved Shamrock
A light that shines again

Finding family photographs, researching them, and using them in our daily lives has been the theme here on Shades. A perfect example of someone who finds, uses, and cherishes these photographs is Lisa of 100 Years in America (celebrating its one year anniversary), one of the finest family history blogs authored.

In the next installment of Friday From The Collectors, Lisa will share her very personal story of photographic discovery. A gift to Lisa, a gift to her family, and now a gift to us. This is a story that spans time and oceans; a story that will inspire us to search for our own family photographic gifts.

Curious, want to know how to start? Lisa's article offers a few suggestions to jump start our personal photographic search.

Lisa has been researching her family’s history for more than a quarter of a century. Her desire is to bring others, particularly young people, to an understanding and appreciation of their own place in history. A prolific blogger, Lisa currently maintains three fantastic genealogy blogs (listed above) relating to various branches of her family and hosts the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture. (Read the most recent edition of the Carnival here.)

I am a fan of all three of Lisa's blogs and can't wait to share this wonderful Friday From The Collectors with you!



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