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Two Special Requests - Twice Told Tuesday

Twice Told Tuesday features a photography related article reprinted from
my collection of old photography books, magazines, and newspapers.

This week's Twice Told Tuesday stems from two special requests. First, I received an email from a footnoteMaven reader who had read an article on my mother titled A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody. Carlos GR was that reader and found his Grandfather's second cousin, Regina Reckholder, listed in that article. He asked if I had any photographs or information for her. I have both and am reprinting that information from The Bayside High School Triangle Yearbook 1942 in this Twice Told Tuesday.

I also received a comment on the footnoteMaven article Hidden Sources :: Alumni Records, about my four privately printed volumes containing information of the Harvard College Class of 1894. The volumes were: The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Report - 1919, the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary - 1929, the Fortieth Anniversary - 1935, and the Harvard Alumni Directory of 1926. Barb, who wrote the comment, asked "Macy Millmore Skinner was my grandfather. Is there any picture, or any story of interest about him in the book? It would be great to get them." Yes Barb, the article was written by your grandfather. Shades will reproduce that information for you in this Twice Told Tuesday article.

Shades is about photographs and making those connections.


January 1942

Regina M. Reckholder

A woman's crowing glory is her hair.

89-38 240 St., Queens Village
Girl's Service League; Leaders' Club;
Pres. Senior Ushers' Club; Fashion Club;
Bowling Club; G.O. Agent


Regina Reckholder - Hair
Mary Piccioni - Eyes
Joan Waite - Complexion
Mary Drescher - Figure~Physique
Dot Sasser - Smile


Macy Millmore Skinner


Bolton, Mass., December 10, 1871. Son of John and Jeanie Reid (Terwilliger) Skinner. PREPARED in Boston Latin School, Boston, Mass.


1890-94. DEGREES: A.B. 1894; A.M. 1895; PH.D. 1897.


Marian Weymouth Junkins at Oston, Mass., Sept. 19, 1903. CHILDREN: Selby Millmore, born July 19, 1905; Barbara Reid, born Nov. 19, 1907; Carlton Weymouth, born April 8, 1913.




(home) 4673 First Ave. N.E., Seattle, Wash.;*(business) University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.

After graduation, I continued my work in the Graduate School and made my PH.D. in Semitic Languages and Literature in 1897. I went abroad on a Rogers Fellowship, and spent one year at Strassburg, and one at Berlin. On my return, finding that the prospect of making satisfactory progress in the teaching profession in my line was not a brilliant one, I changed to German, for which I had always had a strong liking. I was appointed Instructor in German at Harvard and remained there for six years, that is, until the spring of 1905, when I was called to Stanford University, Cal., as Assistant Professor of German. My family and I spent the year 1911-12 in Germany. In the months of August and September, 1911, I represented Stanford University at the centennial festivities of the universities of Beslau, Germany, and Christiania, Norway. During my absence, I was advanced to Associate Professor of German at Stanford. Having always had a strong desire to see the Orient, I gave up my position at Stanford in 1914 and saied for China, where I spent two years in educational work. On my return in 1916, I was appointed to teach Chinese in the University of Washington, where I am at present located.

Early in the year 1917, when it looked as though the U.S. would enter the war, I joined a Military Company of University Professors and drilled under the instruction of Major Patten, Commandant of the R.O.T.C. at the University. I assisted in the Military work of the Summer School and in the fall of 1917 was appointed Captain and Adjutant of the Intercollegiate Intelligence Bureau (later merged into the War Service Exchange), I was in constant communication with military and other departments of the Government, and endeavored to help our students find the kind of service they were fitted for and wished to enter.


The Termination u uni in Asyrian Verbs. Proc. Amer. Orient. Soc., 1896.
1 Sam. IX, 24. Journ. Bibl. Lit., 1896.
Aramaisms in Isaiah, 1897.
Other articles on Semitic and German subjects.


Modern Language Association of America, Oriental Society, China Club of Seattle.

Sources - Photographs, Illustrations, Text:

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Twentieth Anniversary Report 1894 - 1919 (Number VII). Norwood, Massachusetts: Plimpton Press, 1919.

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Committee Of The Harvard College Class of 1894,
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