Monday, March 2, 2009

And The Guest Author Is . . .


Yes, Friday From The Collectors is back! And what a way to start Shades anniversary month. Are your ancestors looking rather colorless? Terri is just the woman to change your mind on the subject. Terri Kallio caught my attention when she took an interest in one of my women wearing glasses and after you read her Collectors' article she will have caught your interest as well.

About herself, Terri says, "I've always had a passion for family history and the mystery that surrounds searching for the elusive ancestor and how their life was impacted by the history of the time they lived. I recall as a young girl listening to my mother and her sisters laughing and reminiscing about life growing up on a farm in rural Nebraska. Those stories sparked something inside me, making me want to know more about the life and times of my ancestors and to record them before they were lost forever.

It wasn't until 1994 that I would get a true desire to start researching. It was at that time my mother showed me an autograph book, all in German, that belonged to my great grandfather. Longing to know what it said we had it translated. And then wanting to share the beautiful words in the autograph book, my mother and I began a collection of family documents and photographs to make a book. After this first book, which was done on a word processor, I was hooked.

I only wish I could say that I possessed a college degree, but, I can't. All of my knowledge comes from my desire to learn about the things that are of interest to me. Spending hours going through tutorials, attending webinars, from trial and error and from reading other peoples experience and advice. I've spent 30 years working as a billing supervisor for the construction industry. As for many people across the country, the company I worked for closed their doors. So while I search for a new position, I also hope to change careers and spend the rest of my working days doing what I am most passionate about – creating digital family history books not only for myself but for others.

My approach to the design and layout of the book is the classic style of the photographers coffee table book, rather than scrapbook type pages. The scrappy look is adorable, however, I feel that it is more timeless and honoring to the ancestor with the classic design. My writing style is relaxed and tends to be sentimental rather than technical. I like the reader to feel as though Aunt Susie is telling the story over tea and biscuits rather than just listing facts. I continue to learn additional skills to create books that people go “WOW” over. The only problem I have is becoming more and more addicted to each new skill I am acquiring."

Join Shades Friday, March 6, when Terri demonstrates the "WOW Factor" for the Friday From The Collectors series.


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I am anxious to see how Terri does this magic.

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