Thursday, October 8, 2009

Many Things Thursday - Historic Irish Glassplate Images

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things."

Thursdays, on Shades Of The Departed, are dedicated to many things,
and nothing in particular.

In 2007 the National Library of Ireland digitized its collections of glass plate negatives. Over 20,000 photographs have been digitized from the collections below. The images are accessible here with basic information, including title, date and location where available. Some captions from the original indexes/lists are very brief and sometimes incorrect. You may search the collections or browse through thumbnails.

If your ancestors came from Ireland you may search their area of origin, name, or date to find photographs that will give you examples of the geographic area and way of life at the time your ancestors lived in Ireland.

  • Lawrence Royal & Cabinet Collections

    The Lawrence Collection consists of 40,000 glass plate negatives from 1870-1914. The images were produced commercially and capture topographical scenes of that period throughout Ireland. The entire Lawrence Royal collection (10,784 plates) and part of the Lawrence Cabinet collection (2,040 plates) are available here to view online.

Identifier: L_CAB_02784
Title: Patrick St., Cork City, Cork
Date: Unknown
Source: Glass negative
Coverage: 1880-1914
Rights: Copyright National Library of Ireland
Location: Cork City, County Cork
Collection Name: Lawrence Cabinet

  • Poole Whole Plate Collection

    The Poole collection comprises 65,000 glass plate negatives and was created by the family firm of A.H. Poole in Waterford between 1884-1954. The majority of images in the collection are studio portraits but the Poole Whole Plate subset which consists of 5,119 images, reflects the diversity of the collection with studio portraits, social and political events and also images of architecture and industry in the south east of Ireland.

Identifier: P_WP_0164a
Title: Miss Brennan
Source: Glass negative
Coverage: 1884-1945
Rights: Copyright National Library of Ireland
Location: Charlestown
Collection Name: Poole Whole Plate
  • Independent H Collection

    The Independent Newspaper collection of some 300,000 images, is made up of glass plates, plastic negatives and a small number of prints. The Independent H collection is a subset of the collection and contains 3,250 glass plates negatives dating from 1912-1936. It provides a record of many aspects of 20th century Irish life, and is particularly strong in the coverage of politics and sport in Ireland.
Identifier: IND_H_0277
Title: Michael Collins' remains being carried down the steps of St. Vincent's Hospital
Creator: Independent Newspapers PLC
Date: 1922
Source: Glass negative
Coverage: 1912-1936
Rights: Copyright National Library of Ireland
Collection Name: Independent H



Patrick St., Cork City, Cork. Glass negative. ca. 1880-1914. The Lawrence Collection. National Library of Ireland, Dublin.

Miss Brennan, Charlestown. Glass negative. ca. 1884-1945. The Poole Collection. National Library of Ireland, Dublin.

Michael Collins' remains being carried down the steps of St. Vincent's Hospital. Glass negative. 1922. The Independent Collection. National Library of Ireland, Dublin.


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