Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can I Download The Magazine In PDF Format?

Thank you to everyone who has read and downloaded the Holiday Edition of Shades The Magazine. With every new endeavor there is much to learn. Such is the case with Shades Magazine. Technology can be amazing, challenging, and frustrating. Even speaking the same language as the authors of the technology software can be daunting. And I'm not talking about English, Spanish or French but rather Geek.

When I chose this platform for the magazine I was assured it could be downloaded in PDF format. Technically, yes, it can. I then found it couldn't be downloaded from the displayed magazine unless you had an account with the platform.

I know how much it would annoy me if I wanted to download a PDF of the magazine to read at my leisure only to find that I had to go through the JOIN hoops. I know it annoyed you as well.

I spent yesterday with the magazine platform trying to find a solution, and after getting my geek on they suggested we embed a link in the table of contents. Hallelujah! To accomplish this both issues had to be resubmitted to the platform and the original issues removed.

Did it work? No! Even with the embedded link in the table of contents you are required to join. Drat! The only thing it overcame was having to search for the ability to download.

Shades The Magazine can still be read online sans the join requirement.

Both the November and December Issues have been altered to reflect the capability to download in the TOC (requirement to join). Those issues can be found on the bookshelf below.

So, the only PDF solution for Shades is to add a site dedicated to the magazine where we will archive the issues and their table of contents and provide down-loadable PDF files. This is happening sooner than expected. Shades will post here when the downloads are available.

Shades will also be working on an interactive down-loadable PDF of the magazine that will include video, audio, and bookmarks. We hope you will help us experiment with this when it becomes available. Making the Shades Magazine an enjoyable experience is dependent on your feedback.

Select Cover For Issue With Embedded Download Link
Requires Joining Network

So, as the saying goes

Pardon Our Dust - Pixel Dust That Is!
We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers.


Anonymous Nancy said...

I just spent some time looking at both editions of your online magazine. I love it! I love the format, the photos, the layouts. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your talents. Nancy M.

December 12, 2009 at 8:28 PM  

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