Monday, August 18, 2008

August 22 - And The Guest Author Is . . .

What happens to our photographs when we're gone? Haven't you looked around and wondered why there are so many orphan photographs? How could no one have claimed them?

After all our efforts to preserve our family history, these are questions every genealogist and family historian finds unsettling. No one remains in the family with an interest in what is a photographic family treasure. What do you do? Shades has gone directly to an expert and asked those questions. On Friday, August 22, Bob Franks of the Itawamba History Review will discuss donating your photographs to an historical society.

Bob Franks is a sixth-generation Mississippian living in the same community his ancestors settled during the 1830’s. He served a twelve-year tenure as president of the Itawamba Historical Society of which he is currently the publications editor. The Itawamba Historical Society is a Mississippi non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Itawamba County, Mississippi's history and heritage.

During his tenure as president he oversaw the operations of the society’s facilities including Historic Bonds House Museum, The Gaither Spradling Library and The George Poteet History Center. He edits Itawamba Settlers, the 56-page membership magazine and is the webmaster of the society’s website, and society’s blog, Itawamba History Review.

He is also a member of the Mississippi Historical Society, The Vicksburg Genealogical Society, and The Mississippi Archaeological Association. He has contributed feature articles to such magazines as Mississippi Homes and Gardens, Local History (publication of the Federation of Mississippi Historical Societies), Mississippi River Routes, and Itawamba Settlers. He is also the project coordinator of the Issaquena Genealogy and History Project and enjoys historical and genealogical research, photography and the outdoors.

Join Shades 22 August when Bob Franks gives you the benefit of his expertise.

See You Then!


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