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New Year 1909

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things."

Thursdays, on Shades Of The Departed, will be dedicated to many things,
and nothing in particular.




If you replace the word "studio" with "blog" we might have a few ideas for the New Year. Even though 100 years old they're appropriate.

We are just at the beginning of a new year, and of course as usual at this time, we look back over the year just past and try to see wherein we may make changes that will improve the new year. We have made mistakes, but when we have realized our mistake it is safe to say it will not occur again.

We have been quick to find fault perhaps, but let us be equally quick to commend and congratulate in the coming year whenever we have the opportunity. Often through a misunderstanding, we have censured, when if we had been a little more patient we would have felt inclined to compliment.

Some of us have perhaps felt like "giving up" and offering our business for sale, and some have done so. But we should make another last stand, and let that be the hardest fight of our lives. If business has been bad during 1908 let's look into ourselves and see if we cannot find something wrong, and if we do, and remove the cause, the effect will be different.

Has your studio been kept clean and tidy at all times; or has it gone for days without the use of a broom or duster? Don't think just because you are willing to put up with your own dirt others are. I never knew of any one liking other people's dirt. A man may be willing to put up with his own dirt, but his customers are not; they prefer their own.

Have you changed the pictures in your show cases ? Your customers think the reason you have not changed them is that you did not have others to put in their place; naturally the deduction follows that your business is poor or you would have had others. People do not patronize the man who has a poor business. Make them think you have a good trade by changing your samples often.

Have you been seen at church, lodge, or in society during the year? People do not patronize a recluse; they go to the one who is so popular his name is on every tongue. Make people talk about you. Make yourself known to them so that when they speak to you they call right out: "How do you do, Mr. Pyro?" and not call out in a loud voice, "How do you (and then in a mumble) 'um-'um."

Have you taken your lunch at a good cafe or have you chased in to a free lunch counter and bought a glass of beer and "swiped" ten cents' worth of lunch ? Don't think people don't know it if you have. They have their eye on you, and if you "show cheap" you may depend upon it they know it and tell it to others.

Whatever our policy has been we should try to improve upon it. Generally speaking, we have much for congratulation. Photographic productions are, as a rule, much better; our conventions during 1908 were far ahead of former years; particularly the National.

We have a good man at the helm this year and look forward to even better work for 1909. It is the aim of this magazine to present to its readers the latest in every branch of photography in America and other countries. We ask all dealers and manufacturers to aid us in this respect by keeping us posted about their goods. Such notices will be used in the "Notice Board." Editorial comment will be made from time to time when possible. Lighting and posing and general photography will be in the hands of Mr. Felix Raymer, and Uncle Kris will "jolly" every one. We extend to each and every one of our readers and advertisers our very heartiest wishes for a most prosperous New Year.


New Year. The Professional and Amateur Photographer. January 1909.


Blogger Becky Wiseman said...

You're right fM, it could just as easily apply to blogging 100 years later, or to any endeavor for that matter! (But, oh my, where is your citation for the article?)

January 1, 2009 at 7:10 AM  
Blogger footnoteMaven said...


Good catch! I put this article in scheduled post about a week ago during the storm. Maybe the article and photograph citation got eaten during the power outage or posting.

I'll see if it's in my saved copy.

Sorry! I should have read it this morning.


January 1, 2009 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger footnoteMaven said...


I just noticed the graphic is missing as well! Ouch!


January 1, 2009 at 9:37 AM  

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