Saturday, March 7, 2009

Penelope Dreadful ~ March 7

A Monthly - Weekend With Shades - Column

“La-a-a-dies,” pleaded the young man, “Pleeease.”

The girls glanced at one another and sighed. What had sounded like a fine idea a week ago was quickly becoming a tedious and unpleasant task.

“Miss Lessly,” he began, nodding at the tall blonde woman, “perhaps you might stand here, beside your sister.”

“I can’t imagine why she isn’t here already,” the girl added petulantly as she stepped in place next to her sibling. “She is always so prompt, and after all, this entire sitting was her idea. We can’t possibly take the photograph until she arrives.”

“Oh, Hope,” her petite sister said consolingly. “I am sure that Miss Smith has a good reason for being late. Perhaps she has news of the competition.”


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