Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twice Told Tuesday - Photographic Humor

Twice Told Tuesday features a photography related article reprinted
from old photography books, magazines, and newspapers.

Recently I had the opportunity to do some reading about one of my favorite artists, Charles Dana Gibson, the creator of the "Gibson Girl." It isn't just Gibson's art that captures my attention, but also his wicked sense of humor. Gibson was known to photographically remove his head and put it on all manner of drawings and other photographs. The footnoteMaven is known for her "off with their heads" illustrations as well.

Gibson, was editor and publisher of Life Magazine, known as a humor magazine at the time of this advertisement. Life became famous for its parodies. The following is just too good.

Life - 1895

J.B. Splicer, President
F. Younghusband, Treasurer
O. Spooner, Gen'l Manager

The Halcyon Matrimonial Co.
Procures desirable partners for
those matrimonially inclined.

Full Particulars With Best
References Required.

Schedule of Rates

For Candidates under 30 years of age, $50.00
Between 30 and 45, $60.00
Between 45 and 60, $75.00
Between 60 and 100, $95.00
Payable at Nuptials

A preliminary deposit of $25 to be made in
all cases.

Address all communications to HALCYON MATRIMONIAL CO., 21 West 31st St., N.Y.

Photograph of woman:

California maiden of influential family, will marry
young man with distinguished bearing and some
beauty. He must be of respectable family, and good
complexion. Curly hair preferred.

Photograph of man:

Turkish gentleman of wealth and high position.
Although young, has already had a large matrimo-
nial experience. Will marry a few American ladies
of refinement. Money no object.


Halcyon - an imaginary being of myth or fable.


Life. Advertisement. New York, N.Y.:Life, 1883-1936.


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