Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shades The Magazine - The Toy Issue

It’s the Toys Issue and it’s loaded. All the Shades contributors are here to show and tell about “toys” and old photographs. You’ll also learn their favorite childhood toy. I loved paper dolls. I had two sets I adored. Prince Valiant, filled with beautiful jewels and a little girl that I could design clothes in vinyl and stick them to her with static electricity. I still collect them as you can see from the image on the next page.

Brett Payne, the Photo-Sleuth, has written a brilliant article on the toys used by photographers to appease their young sitters. You must take a look.

Did you know that Queen Victoria was a doll collector and an archivist? Check out Queen Victoria’s Dolls. In doing the research for this article I found I had a great deal in common with the publisher of The Strand Magazine. See if you can find the resemblance.

Then we explore a Santa’s Wish list in iAncestor, what the well-dressed dolls wear in Dressed To The Nines, what toys were appealing and which were not in Appealing Subjects, toy hunting for the genealogist in In2Genealogy, creating a toy with a download from The Healing Brush, places to go to when hunting toys with Sheri Fenley, a dreadful doll story with a happy ending in Penny Dreadful, and an ArtiFact from Denise Levenick.

Don’t miss the announcement Shades has this month. Something’s coming, something good!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Thank You to all our loyal readers! On to the New year!

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