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2nd Edition - Smile For The Camera

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Smile For The Camera - A Carnival of Images. The topic for the 2nd Edition is:

We have a charming bouquet of belles and beaus to celebrate the 2nd Edition. There are some creative interpretations of the word prompt and some of the most interesting photographs I've seen. Put up your feet, grab something to drink, and enjoy the visual presentations - it's all about the photographs!


amyrebba presents My treasure posted at Untangled Family Roots. And it is a treasure, the only known photograph of her husbands' ancestor. A request sent Amy on a two year journey, a sad journey and a sad discovery. Thank you Amy for sharing this photograph!


Hold on to your hats, Jessica Oswalt shares her photo of A Bell and Beau Couple: My Great-Grandparents posted at Jessica's Genejournal. This is a beautiful photograph of her great-grandparents ca. 1910-1915. And Jessica says there is a beautiful love story to go with it and she just might tell that story someday. For the carnival, the photograph is the perfect beginning. Thanks Jessica!

Jasia creates the four phases of My Parents' Romance in pictures posted at Creative Gene. She wows us again with her digital scrapbooking abilities. If this doesn't get you digi-scrapping, nothing will. Thank you Jasia for more of your beautiful work - a visual masterpiece!


Ken Spangler shares a terrific photograph at Belles & Beaus - Smile For The Camera! posted at Beyond Fiction. It's Texas, 1960, with words by a new song writing duo, soon to become a sensation. Much like the couple in this photograph. But the story is just beginning - read on! Thanks Ken.


Randy Seaver shows us the best day of his life at Genea-Musings: The Best Day of My Life posted at Genea-Musings. She was "beautiful then . . . and after 37 years she is still beautiful." Wow - what a man and what a tribute! Join Randy for the best day of his life and I'm sure the best day of Linda's as well! Thanks Randy.


Jewelgirl takes the Spring Bride 1956 bauble from her jewelry box at I SMILE FOR THE CAMERA - 2ND EDITION posted on Searching For Family Branches. It was a different time; where women dressed for the occasion. And this was the perfect belle occasion. Thank you Jewelgirl everything sparkles!


Let me introduce you to the youngest contributor to Smile, Miss Jocelyn. MJ is a seventeen-year-old, home schooled student from Indiana. MJ experiments with her camera and Photoshop to present So Sweet & Simple posted at A Pondering Heart. Welcome MJ!


Denise Olson's creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire. She treats us to a beautiful photographic composition and story in Moultrie Creek > Lois and Dolph - A Love Story posted at Moultrie Creek. Denise writes, "We're going up to 'The Farm' this month to enjoy the mountain air and visit with some of our Georgia cousins. The local historical society has picked up the story and is following it with their newsletter." And if all that wasn't inspiration enough, visit her Celebration of a 100 Year-Old Love Story on Footnote. Thanks Denise.


The Little Rascals could take some lessons from Janice Brown. She shows us how she caught the acting bug at a very early age in Smile For The Camera: Belles And Beaus posted at Cow Hampshire. Shh! The curtains going up on another Cow Hampshire production. Take your seat and enjoy the show. Thanks Janice for the peek into your past!


Lidian, of The Virtual Dime Museum displays what she refers to as a "splendid" wedding photograph. There could be no better description. The clothing is to die for and that includes the dapper groom; the bouquet must have wiped out the local florist; and the bride is wearing my favorite fashion accessory. Visit The Virtual Dime Museum: A Belle and Beau In Kleindeutschland, New York City, it's fan-tastic! You've done it again, L.W.


Donna Pointkouski presents Belles & Beaus: Galecki Wedding - 1926, posted at What's Past is Prologue. This wedding party makes for a beautiful period photograph, but your eye is drawn to the "Maid of Honor" prominently featured in the center. The camera loved her! Donna, I think you should investigate the photographer. Thanks for the glimpse into another time.


Lisa presents 100 Years in America: 1913: Peter & Maria's wedding in America posted at 100 Years in America. This is a remarkable photograph filled with belles and beaus; from the flower girl and the ring bearer to the bride and groom. Lisa, I could look at this a dozen times and find something new with every look. Thank you for sharing your family treasure!


Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, says she loves these Carnival blog things and we love having her. Her submission, Wedding Belles For June, is from her extensive collection of wedding photographs from the 1860s to the mid-twentieth century. A treat for the eyes and an explanation of why it's her favorite, makes this a must see. Maureen hopes to someday write a book about this collection and you can be sure we'll buy it. Thanks Maureen.


Top this one! Terry Thornton has the most inventive interpretation of belles and beaus submitted to the carnival. I won't spoil the surprise, suffice it to say, Terry's wife Sweetie is very lucky. Visit Belles and Beaus: The Start of Something Great posted at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi to find out why. Thanks Terry.


Becky Wiseman shares a trio of photographs of her grandparents at Belles and Beaus, Oh My! posted at kinexxions. These are little snippetts of life, happy and carefree. Becky wishes she'd had the photos to ask a few questions before her grandparents died. Don't we all. Thanks Becky for sharing the personal rather than the portrait side of their lives!


Break out the sunglasses! The smiles in this beautiful photograph are blinding. Terry Snyder shares a photograph of her parents; young, attractive, newly married, and obviously in love, in The Anniversary at Desktop Genealogists. A perfect belle and beau contribution. Thanks Terry!


Dava Silvia introduces us to paste-eaters anonymous. Now don't you just love the name of this blog? Dava tells a very interesting story while offering the most unique photographs to grace the carnival at My Illustrious Past. There couldn't be a more perfect belle and beau for the carnival. You have to see this one! Absolutely loved the photographs, Dava, thank you!


Chery Kinnick posts the Maynard News in Chippewa County, Minnesota, article of the Lutheran wedding of her Great Grandparents, followed by a lovely Golden Wedding tribute in A Golden Wedding for the Berges posted at Nordic Blue. Chery never disappoints - she includes a something new, something old photograph of love. And with twelve children you know there was a lot of love there! Thanks Chery, it was beautiful!


Elizabeth O'Neal presents Little Bytes of Life: Young Love, Old Love posted at Little Bytes of Life. Two wonderful photographs of a love that spanned the ages, hence the title. We should all be so lucky as to have loved so long. Elizabeth knows the secret - commitment! Thanks Elizabeth!


Tipper Pressley introduces us to June Is The Time For A Shivaree posted at Blind Pig & The Acorn. She explains Shivaree and adds a few Appalachian customs and sayings concerning weddings. Read the story to find out how the first photograph is tied to the last. Great photos, generous contribution Tipper! Thank you!


Stephen J. Danko shares Between the War and the Wedding posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog. If you joined the first carnival you will recognize the woman who looked adoringly at her baby - Steve. Now move back in time and you will find the other man in her life. What a handsome couple, what a great photograph! Thank you Steve!


Craig Manson introduces us to A St Louis Belle posted at GeneaBlogie. A beautifully etheral photograph of a young bride reminiscent of the princesses of the St. Louis Veiled Prophet Ball. Thanks for sharing something so special with us Craig!


Thomas MacEntee invites us to a A Small Town Wedding at Destination: Austin Family. He is very fortunate to have an entire album of a wedding so important to him. Featured in the album is one of my favorite bridal photographs, the reflection of the beautiful bride in a mirror. Join Thomas as he turns the pages of this album for us all to enjoy! Thanks Thomas.


And rounding out this 2nd Edition of the Carnival is my favorite belle and beau sneaking a cuddle in Two Heads Are Better Than One posted at footnoteMaven. As always, my ancestors are here to Smile For The Camera!

Thank You All!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this carnival and thank you for being so patient with the technical difficulties. Another success! It is evident from each and every article that a great deal of time, effort and love went into each. As Randy would say, please take a moment to stop and comment and show your appreciation!

Now The Call For Submissions!

Smile For The Camera ~ A Carnival of Images

The 3rd Edition of Smile For The Camera takes its word prompts from a celebration of home. Where is home and how do you celebrate? Choose a photograph of an ancestor, relative, yourself, or an orphan photograph that shows a celebration of home.

Is it a house, a town, a city, a country, the old country, a group of people, or just a state of mind. Here in America we celebrate our love of home with fireworks and Old Glory. How and what do you or did your ancestors celebrate? Show us!

Your submission may include as many or as few words as you feel are necessary to describe your treasured photograph. Those words may be in the form of an expressive comment, a quote, a journal entry, a poem (your own or a favorite), a scrapbook page, or a heartfelt article. The choice is yours!

Deadline for submission is midnight 10 July, 2008.


There are two options:

1. Send an email to the host, footnoteMaven. Include the title and permalink URL of the post you are submitting, and the name of your blog. Put 'Smile For The Camera' clearly in the title of your email!

2. Use the handy submission form provided by Blog Carnival, or select the Bumper Sticker in the upper right hand corner.

See you at the Carnival!


Blogger Becky said...

Wonderful contributions everyone. Thanks ShadyMaven for pulling it all together!

June 14, 2008 at 8:58 AM  
Anonymous Tipper said...

Thank you! Such a great presentation and thank you for allowing me to be part of it. I just can't wait to check out all the other articles.

June 14, 2008 at 1:44 PM  
Anonymous denise said...

Thanks to all the "performers" in the Carnival. I loved the tour of gene-blogs and peeking at your family history photos. And, toasts to the hostess, fM.

June 15, 2008 at 7:28 AM  
Blogger Jasia said...

Yikes! I haven't checked my blog feed in a few days and look what I missed!

This looks like terrific edition of Smile, fM. I'll be busy reading this week!

June 16, 2008 at 6:56 PM  

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