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3rd Edition Smile For The Camera


Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Smile For The Camera - A Carnival of Images. The topic for the 3rd Edition is:

It has certainly been a Wordle-Facebook sort of week leading up to this 3rd Edition of Smile for The Camera. I'm glad to report our participants have taken some time out from creating word clouds and making friends to show us a whole album full of wonderful Celebrations of Home.


The first photograph in the Smile Album is courtesy of Jessica Oswalt posted at Jessica's Genejournal. Somewhat Of A Home . . . gives us a glimpse of Jessica’s home away from home. Nice diggs, Jessica!


Laura takes us on a tour of her ancestors' neighborhoods, the streets of New York entwined with a famous bridge in Wonderful Town (Random Views of A Place Called Home) posted at The Virtual Dime Museum. Laura's images combined with some of the finest writing on the web is always a delight.


Jewelgirl presents SMILE FOR THE CAMERA - FAMILY HOME at Searching For Family Branches. She advises us that "home is a lovely place we all should visit, just
for a moment, even if it is only in our memories." Beautiful advice, a beautiful post!


Lisa posts a wonderful photograph - "The ladies in their fine hats, the children so serious and proud." And she gives us an excellent discussion of the where and why contained in that photograph. Do you remember the "dancing cigarette packs" on T.V? Lisa does and she tells us about them in "When we seemed to walk in freedom as in the sun..." posted at 100 Years in America.


Thomas MacEntee entreats us to savor this story, like a piece of blueberry pie out on the front porch on a hot summer night. The Summer Jar posted at Destination: Austin Family is a beautifully written story punctuated by a collection of photographs of Thomas' memories of home. You're going to really enjoy this one!


Denise Levenick writes An Ironic Epitaph, saying "sometimes we celebrate home especially when it is no more," posted at The Family Curator. Denise is a first-time contributor to Smile, but recently was the Guest Author on Friday From The Collectors on Shades. Her article, Reading Women's History, will give you some background on her Celebration of Home.

A collage of images, a cloud of words; Donna Pointkouski captures a very personal celebration in Home: A Place in the Heart written at What's Past is Prologue. Glad you're back in time to share this beautiful memory collage with us, Donna!


"Beginning at Quarry Creek, highwater mark, run thence along old Light House Road, 222 feet, thence northwest to land of Hite, 190 feet, thence west to marsh, thence along Marsh, 350 feet to point of beginning" is the legal description that contains Denise Olson's memories of The Buccaneer Lodge – her family home for 30+ years. This is such an interesting article with great photographs, I had to read it twice at Moultrie Creek.


Stephen J. Danko presents Home on Park Avenue; Park Avenue, Albany, New York that is. Steve is very fortunate to have many family photographs that he has shared with us on Smile. This is another wonderful example of a celebration of home posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog. And Steve, you're so fortunate you can still go home!


What does home really mean to Becky Wiseman? She allows us along for the ride as she answers that question in Home Sweet Home posted at kinexxions. Becky has celebrated home for us in several of her recent posts, so while you're there, visit her "Joys of Summer." She can really celebrate home!


Naomi Stevens presents HAPPY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES posted at Diary From England. Naomi's heartfelt memories were under the "Big Top." A self-described typical English Rose, Naomi is the picture of that term. While visiting her Celebration of Home, check out her post on Teabags Celebrate 100th Birthday. I'm a self-described Anglophile, so I love everything she writes about.


Come for the Carnival photographs, stay for the music and the poem. Tipper says of, My Native Home, "these random recollections come from a gained experience and a knowledge of the importance home played in our life." So very true! There's always something playing at Blind Pig & The Acorn, stop by for a visit.


A collage of images that are Lori Thornton's Thinking About Home is an eloquent tribute to the importance of a phrase and a friend. Lori said when she saw the topic for this Carnival several things came to her, "This world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through," and the importance of where a certain friend resides. Visit Smoky Mountain Family Historian, meet her friend and her story in pictures and words.


Jasia presents a tribute to growing up in "Dearborn, Michigan, hometown of Henry Ford" in When I Think of Home. . . posted at Creative Gene. Jasia has filled our minds with images of her memories growing up in Dearborn. It must have been wonderful to have been a child there. Her photograph is another of her Digi-Scrappin' works of art. You must see this one and marvel at her creative use of a Wordle! Brilliant!


Randy Seaver's photograph of his childhood home in San Diego is prominent in his article The house I grew up in posted at Genea-Musings. Was San Diego ever that wide open a space? You'd never know it today. To live in a house built by your Grandparents is also an experience I will never know. Thanks Randy for your Celebration of Home.


Maru introduces us to an old family photograph thought to be taken in front of the family home. Wedding? Reunion? Holiday? Funeral? What was this McCollum Family Gathering? Perhaps you can help. Maru has some very interesting photographs on her blog Life at the Home20. Stop for a while. And Welcome Maru.


Colleen presents Two Houses Make a Home posted at Orations of OMcHodoy. Two houses, two different meanings. Two different parts of the country, two different childhood memories. This is a very interesting tale Colleen has to tell of home, but the pictures really tell the story.


Of Terry Snyder's “Memories of a Childhood Home,” she says "In my memory, summers lasted forever, and the days were filled with kick ball games, running through the sprinkler, communal reading of comic books, and plays performed and written by those of us in the neighborhood." And she shares a photograph to match the memories. Terry is The Desktop Genealogist and a deft hand at smiling for the camera.


Miriam Robbins Midkiff introduces us to Home is Where the Heart Is posted at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors. "There isn't one location or old homestead that's been in my direct family line for generations" Miriam says. "So, then, what is home?" A photograph, a symbol of home? Miriam knows.


And closing the cover on this Smile Album is My Family & Old Glory - A Celebration of Home. My Grandmother with her classmates on the steps of her home, Carnegie Hall, Waving Old Glory in celebration of our home - America! As always, my ancestors are here to Smile For The Camera!

Thank You All!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this carnival and welcome to all our first-time contributors. Another success! It is evident from each and every article that a great deal of time, effort and love went into each photographic contribution. As Randy would say, please take a moment to stop and comment and show your appreciation!


Now The Call For Submissions!


Smile For The Camera ~ A Carnival of Images

The 4th Edition of Smile For The Camera takes its word prompt from the Ace of Hearts. What photograph do you consider "My Favorite Photograph," the one that has won your heart.

Choose a photograph of an ancestor, relative, yourself, or an orphan photograph that is your favorite family photo or that photograph you've collected and wouldn't give up for a King's ransom.

Is it the only photograph of an ancestor, is it funny, poignant, or very rare? My favorite photograph is the first one I ever collected. What's yours? Share it with us! Then get back out in the summer sun.

Your submission may include as many or as few words as you feel are necessary to describe your treasured photograph. Those words may be in the form of an expressive comment, a quote, a journal entry, a poem (your own or a favorite), a scrapbook page, or a heartfelt article. The choice is yours!

Deadline for submission is midnight 10 August, 2008.


There are two options:

1. Send an email to the host, footnoteMaven. Include the title and permalink URL of the post you are submitting, and the name of your blog. Put 'Smile For The Camera' clearly in the title of your email!

2. Use the handy submission form provided by Blog Carnival, or select the Bumper Sticker in the upper right hand corner.

See you at the Carnival!


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Blogger TERRY SNYDER said...


Thanks for another great carnival! We are an eclectic bunch.

July 14, 2008 at 11:56 AM  
Blogger footnoteMaven said...

Thanks Terry!

We are nothing if not eclectic.

I like your new photo, I think I'll acquire it.


July 14, 2008 at 12:48 PM  
Blogger Naomi said...

Thank you so much for including my post. I really appreciate that. This is a great carnival I will try and get around and visit everyone.

July 14, 2008 at 1:06 PM  
Blogger footnoteMaven said...

Thank you Naomi - it was a great post. I love your blog!

Hope we see you in August at the Carnival.


July 14, 2008 at 1:09 PM  

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