Monday, March 9, 2009

And The Guest Author Is . . .

I am not a photographer, nor do I play one on T.V., in fact the science of photography doesn’t hold any interest for me either. However, I love photographs. I think that good photographs can capture the “soul” of a person enabling you to get to know that person even if you have never met them.

I am fortunate to have many photographs of my ancestors. All the research I do on an individual comes to life for me when I have a photograph of that person.

I have a photograph of my grandparents and my mother as a 2 year old child that was taken by a “Sidewalk Photographer” as they walked down the main avenue in Garnett, Kansas. They were unaware that they were being photographed and the result was a captured moment in time unlike any other.

Being the Educated Genealogist that I am, I became curious about the “Sidewalk Photographers” in general and decided to look into the whole topic further.

Join Shades Friday, March 13, for an education into the subject of “Sidewalk Photographers” by everyone's favorite Educated Genealogist, Sheri Fenley.


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