Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top 10 Doctored Photographs

Today Shades wanders the web and bumps into Time's Top 10 Doctored Photographs. Even the early photographers left you wondering if it was safe to believe what you saw. Mathew Brady (The Irish Photographer of the Civil War) was a master of manipulation.

From simply removing a distraction to removing or inserting people, changing clothes and bodies; these are
Time Magazine's Top 10. Are they yours?

1. Civil War Generals ca. 1865
2. Lenin Addresses the Troops, 1920
3. Hitler Meets with Leni Riefenstahl, 1937
4. Kent State, 1970
5. The Beatles' Abbey Road Poster
6. TV Guide's Oprah Winfrey Cover, 1989
7. Newsweek's Martha Stewart Cover, 2005
8. Iranian Missile Test, 2008
9. Kim Jong Il and North Korean Troops, c. 2009
10. Benjamin Netanyahu and His Cabinet, 2009

Before - Brady Library of Congress

After - Brady Library of Congress


Library of Congress via Top 10 Doctored Photographs.


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